November 16, 2011

An Accident That Was Meant To Happen

In my last post I stated how I was having a difficult time adjusting to going back to work. I don't think it was actually working that I disliked but the place I was working at. I am a social being and crave that interaction with others. At the place I was at I felt like a caged animal in my cubicle with nothing but the sound of typing and gossip in my ear. It was very depressing and I was constantly in a bad mood even when I would be at home with my son because I knew I'd have to return again.
If you recall Itty Bitty was diagnosed with bronchitis and I had to miss a couple days of work in my first month of being hired since his fever was constantly at 100+ degrees reaching a high of 105 degrees. I was informed that my absences were "excessive" and going forward this was not going to be tolerated. Understandable. However, when I was hired I explained my situation that I am a single mom with no family in the state of Texas and also informed them of my son's daycare sick policy. They came across as more than understanding.

Returning to work the following Monday I dove back into work and gave it my all. I was even complimented on the amount of work I had managed to accomplish and how they were impressed. I worked the entire week through. Well, life sure is unpredictable.

That weekend I dropped my son off with his father and set out to make the most of my free time. On Saturday I set up a motorcycle ride. I was even spoiled with a trip to the Ducati store and a Shoei helmet (which I'm informed is a top of the line brain bucket) was bought for me. $500 later we headed for home to get suited up for our ride. Full sleeve top, thick jacket, jeans, socks, shoes... check. Most importantly, brain bucket... check.

Not even two minutes into our ride the back wheel of the Ducati hit a curb and threw my legs from the bike. I don't know how I managed to hold onto the rider but I did. My hands gripped tight around his waist while my feet were being dragged. I remember thinking "just hold on" and at one point in that brief moment I thought the rider had managed to regain control and was coming to a stop. Not so much.

We hit the opposite curb with the front wheel which launched us both from the bike. I remember watching the rider go flying with the bike and myself rolling a couple times then coming to a sliding finish on my stomach. The helmet cushioned my head... the only part of our bodies with no injuries.

A flash of my son's face came to mind and then the rider. I jumped up. Panicked when I looked down to see one of my shoes completely ripped from my foot and my sock torn and blood. My jeans were ripped to hell at the knee and I had two deep lacerations. My stomach had road rash as well as on my hands. In my panic to check on the rider I couldn't get my helmet off. My hands were shaking. I was screaming for him to come to my aid as he laid there groaning in pain and moans of not being able to breath. He somehow pulled himself to his feet and unbuckled my helmet and ripped it off.

I reached into my jacket pocket to find that my phone was nowhere to be found. In a quick search I found my phone about 15 feet from us. Luckily, it was still working with slight damage to the back cover.

In the Emergency Room we were admitted together and our injuries were looked over. The rider has two broken ribs and road rash. I have a sprained foot, lacerations, and road rash. We are both incredibly lucky to be alive and have agreed that was the last ride for us. He's selling his bikes. It's bittersweet. It was an exciting hobby to have.

I returned to work that following Tuesday since the hospital work release had that as the date. I put my best foot forward (haha!) and gave it my best shot. When my supervisor came to check on me she advise I go to my family doctor and get an extended work release. I was grateful for that advice. I wasn't able to take Vicodin while at work and was sitting there in pain. My foot and knee were burning and my body ached.

I was given the rest of the week off. I got plenty of rest, ice and elevation.

Come Monday, I still was nowhere near healed and was still on pain killers. However, I knew that I needed to go back to work and decided to just tough it out. I did. I busted my ass even to make up for the time I needed off to help heal. Once my work was caught up the department manager pulled me into the office with one hour left in my work day. I wasn't shocked with the news that was delivered when I saw the district manager and another supervisor present.

"You don't fit our culture and you're not a right fit for this company. We're letting you go."

A weight was immediately lifted. It felt amazing to turn in my badge and not look back at that job. A company that has no compassion for it's employees is one I don't want to work for. Shit happens. Bad timing for a new hire with no sick or vacation time. No job is more important than my son or my health.

I'm not going to lie, I was worried about finding a new job and if and how long it would take. Very next day I found a job listing that was right up my alley. Working as a cashier at a cafe in a very nice neighborhood with a chill atmosphere and for the same pay. Big smiles. I have another interview tomorrow with the general manager. I'm confident that will go well.

This accident was a blessing. It made me realize how precious life is. Tomorrow is promised to no one. It got me out of a job I dreaded going to and got me a foot in the door in an industry I want to be in. It also pulled me out of my funk I was in. My passion for cooking came back. My love grew stronger. My happiness is greater than ever. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.


Cheri @ Kzoo Kitchen said...

While not completely appropriate, I am reminded a of a quote which has gotten me through many hard times - "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."

I'm glad you are okay. And don't worry girl, everything will work out just as it is supposed to.

Pretend Chef said...

Cheri - I thought the quote was completely appropriate. You are right about everything working out as it is supposed to. I am happy about the outlook of my future. Thank you for stopping by today.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad you are okay. What a scary experience.

emily jane said...

I'm so glad you're alright! And also that things have worked themselves out. Hope the interview goes well, keep us updated!

Pretend Chef said...

Kelsey - I have total recall of the accident and am surprised at no point was I scared. I put complete trust in God that I was going to make it through.

Emily Jane - Thank you. I will keep everyone updated.

Lizzy said...

You have such a fabulous attitude...I know this job will be yours if it's right for you. I'm so, so sorry to hear of your accident...scary! But thankfully you're both fine...and in the long run, you're in a better place. I'll keep you in my thoughts, my friend!

Fallon said...

I am SO GLAD you are okay! I am so sorry what what you've been going through. I literally had chills just reading your post. You did what you had to do and I love how strong you are coming out of this. Good luck getting your new job. Sounds like it will be a bit more flexible so you an spend time with your family more often! Hope to see you blogging again soon.

I started working full-time, about 49 hours a week. I'm lucky if I can even sit down and read all my favorite blogs. :(

ping said...

So glad you're ok. And now even better with a job you can look forward to going to each morning. Things always have a way of working out. Here's a hug. Hug.

Pretend Chef said...

Lizzy - After springing up immediately after the crash I had so much to be grateful for. I always try to see the positive in everything.

Fallon - I really think this job will inspire me to cook and blog more often again. Once I can stand without pain I'm getting back into the kitchen. Thank you for your well wishes.

Ping - Thank you. I'm very excited for the new adventure ahead of me. Sending an air hug back to you.

Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family said...

Very glad that you are ok and that you are happier. Life is no fun if you aren't enjoying it.

Pretend Chef said...

Rachel - Thank you. You are absolutely right.

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