November 25, 2012

Two Leaves and a Bud Review

After watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Allison, do a review of her favorite tea products I just knew I had to give this brand a try. Two Leaves and A Bud provides high quality teas in pyramid shaped satchels. Their name comes from the method of plucking tea, two leaves and a bud.
  • Alpine Berry - Berry teas are not a favorite but the aroma is sweet and very berry. 
  • White Peony (light and caffeinated) - Reminded me of the smell of being a little girl playing in a field of flowers. Such a comforting tea. You can see the flower petals in the satchel. Not bitter at all. 
  • Organic Darjeeling Whole Leaf Black Tea - Think about black tea is that I find them boring. However, this is smooth and an enjoyable cup of tea. 
  • Organic Pomi-Berry (no caffeine) - Smells earthy and has a sweet and fruity taste. Wish I had another satchel in order to try it iced. 
  • Better Belly Blend (no caffeine) - Tastes like there may be fennel in it. Had a stomach ache this morning and within 20 minutes my stomach was settled. Tastes really delicious. Smooth. One of my favorites.
  • Organic Chamomile (no caffeine) - When I go to the grocery store to refill my tea stash I usually go for Chamomile. This smells and tastes delicious. Another favorite. Love the calming effect since it is so comforting. 
  • Organic Sencha Green Tea (lightly caffeinated) - This tea reminds me of the first time I tried a green tea frappuccino from Starbucks since it tastes similar. My absolute favorite green tea I have ever had. 
  • Tropical Goji Green Tea (lightly caffeinated) - This tea has a hint of fruitiness. Not as strong of a green tea taste like the Organic Sencha Green Tea. Delicious. Another tea I wish I had another satchel of to try iced. 
  • Jasmine Petal Green Tea - Ick! Foul on it's own. Added a packet of Splenda and it made it somewhat palatable.
  • Mountain High Chai Black Tea (full caffeine) - Hands down my favorite in the bunch. Wish I had more of this. I could see myself enjoying this every morning instead of a cup of coffee. Gasp. I never though those words would ever come out of my mouth or leave my fingertips. Perfect on its own. 
  • Tamayokucha Green Tea (light caffeine) - This smells like green beans. Milder taste than Sencha Green Tea. I prefer the Sencha but this is still tasty. 
  • Better Morning Blend Whole Leaf Herbal Blend - What makes it a better morning? The energizing lemongrass and peppermint aroma. Yummy!
  • African Sunset Red Tea caffeine free - First time trying a red tea. Reminds me of the smells of a hospital. The smell is off putting. The taste isn't so bad but I can't get over the smell.
  • Gen Mai Cha Green Tea - Smells like seaweed but doesn't taste like it. Made me crave Annie's Seaweed Snacks.
  • Better Rest Blend (caffeine free) - Tried drinking a glass before bedtime while my 4 year old was still awake. Anything but restful. Body feels heavy. Feel like melting into bed. Plan better than I did and put the babies to sleep before beginning your wind down time. 
  • Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea (caffeine free) - I love peppermint flavored treats. This was too strong a peppermint taste. I could only handle a half cup. It upset my stomach. Even though that was the case this is my second favorite tea from the batch. Next time I will steep less than I did.
  • Organic Asam Breakfast (full caffeine) - The smell out of the plastic package didn't excite me. Not an exciting cup of tea but perfect for that caffeine jolt. Taste is somewhat bitter and would probably taste better with milk and sugar.
  • Organic Earl Grey - My favorite kind of black tea. This didn't disappoint. 
They have released a new line, Paisley Tea Co, which focuses on British-style teas. Given how much I enjoyed the 18 teas I was able to sample I am sure I would love these just as much. It was a pleasure being able to sample these teas for review and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have been able to do so.


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