August 10, 2011

Enjoy Life Gluten-Free Products Review

double chocolate crunchMy ever-so-kind neighbor agreed to hold onto my package until I returned from my Kansas vacation. I actually thought what was waiting for me at home was ground lamb. When my neighbor knocked on the door shortly after my arrival I was surprised when it ended up being my Enjoy Life products.

I immediately opened the box and was excited to find Double Chocolate Crunch Granola and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks. Since I had just drove 12 hours I was exhausted and not ready to dive into my new "project".

Here it is, a couple days later, and I've finally got some energy. First order of business was tackling the mess of a house and then my "just for me" time was spent with these products and my information packet.

While my blog is not a gluten-free / allergen-free blog I was still giddy to get to try new products and help spread the word to all of you. I don't have much experience with gluten-free products but have tried a fair share of products available at my local grocery stores. Most product taste experiences have been pleasant and others, well, not so much.

How do these products rate?

The Double Chocolate Crunch Granola is great for breakfast or for an on the go snack. Itty Bitty definitely got behind this product and they have his full support. C'mon... chocolate and granola... can't go wrong there. It is loaded with Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips in every bite. The package is resealable for freshness and perfect for throwing into my purse for that on the go snack.
semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks
Next up was the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks. Taking a note straight from the information packet I received I enjoyed these "by the handful right out of the bag". These Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks taste like the usual pantry staple I buy. Taste was not an issue here. Delicious. "Nommy", as Itty Bitty would say.

It's nice to know that these products are great for individuals with any of the top 8 allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. While I don't have to worry about this I know that others do. Enjoy Life takes the guess work out of it for you. Even with these restrictions you CAN enjoy these products like Itty Bitty and I did.

Keep an eye out for these and their other products in natural food stores and conventional grocery stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Still can't find them? They are available through 15 online retailers so you have no excuse not to give these a try and see what I mean! Once you have your product in hand, why not check out their recipes


Lizzy said...

It's so wonderful there are quality gluten free products available these days...thanks for your review~

Pretend Chef said...

Lizzy - I know my family can benefit from eating a gluten free diet. These products did not disappoint.

Peggy said...

A few years ago, you couldn't get any gluten/allergen-free products that didn't taste like cardboard... now, it seems like they're everywhere! I don't have to deal with this issue either, but I often buy these types of products because they actually taste good nowadays! That granola sounds especially tasty =)

Pretend Chef said...

Peggy - I think you would really like the granola. It was so chocolatey.

Jeanette said...

I've used Enjoy Life chocolate chips - the mini ones - and love that they are soy free as well as dairy-free.

Joel Warady said...

Thanks for the great review. (Hope you weren't disappointed that it was not ground lamb). Our goal at Enjoy Life is to make great tasting products that are safe for everyone to eat. We are so pleased that you enjoyed the taste of our great new products.

Thanks to all of you for the great support.

Joel Warady
Chief Marketing Officer
Enjoy Life Foods
Twitter: @enjoylifecmo

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