October 24, 2010

Food Funnies

Sunday mornings during my high school years hold some of my fondest mother/daughter memories. My mom would put on a pot of coffee, we'd pick out our favorite mug (we had a cupboard full of "fun" mugs), add our favorite flavorings to our coffee and sit on the floor with the Sunday paper.

I would pull out the meat of the paper, the best part, the ads and comics! I looked over the ads quickly pointing out items that I just had to have... more so... dream of owning. After looking at an ad I would place it in mom's "to-look at" pile.

Once I got to the comics mom would sit there having to listen to me roar in laughter over my favorite comic "Get Fuzzy". Of course me laughing would have mom curious to see what was so hilarious.

One Sunday morning mom and I were sitting knee to knee and as she leaned over her boob was resting on my knee while she was putting her grubby little paws on my stack of "not read yet" papers. She was trying to steal the comics from me first. Not a chance in hell mom! I started busting up laughing, "Mom! Your boob is on my knee!" Mom with her witty comments, "Yea! And in 10 years my boobs will be on my knees!" Haha!

The newspaper gave my mom and I a great bonding opportunity. Not only were Sundays a day I looked forward to but our morning walks to the school bus stop as well. Mom would pull out the paper from the mailbox and only bring along the part we really cared about: horoscopes and "funnies". We would also on occasion work on the crossword puzzle. Sharing a laugh with my mom first thing in the morning kept her close all day. I would be sitting in class and think of something her and I had laughed at and I'd find myself getting kicked out of class until I could contain my laughter and no longer disrupt class.

Now that I live 2300+ miles away from my mom the newspaper doesn't get subscribed to anymore. It's just not the same. The ads lack excitement and the comics just aren't funny to me anymore. I lost my taste for Sunday mornings. Maybe I'll get it back when my itty bitty is old enough to find the simple pleasure of sitting in my presence over a cup of hot chocolate or tea and we take on a hobby together.

Sitting here writing this post is bringing a smile to my face as I look back on my years under my mother's roof and can't think of a more comfortable and loving environment to be in. Turning into my mother has been something that I am looking forward to. The type of mom that she was and the way she made every day feel like it was a special occasion are some shoes I'd feel proud to fill.

Even though we are apart I still feel close when I look down at my feet and see thick crocheted socks,a  ginormous mug of coffee, and my growing love for Sundays all over again. 


Anonymous said...

I love that first cartoon with the tiny cow. I just giggled out loud in my office . . . thankfully (and as usual) I'm alone up here, so no harm done. =)

Pretend Chef said...

I find humor in things very easily and I found myself laughing at all of them. I'm to easy to amuse.

coolblogger said...

cute post. good collection of jokes

Pretend Chef said...

Thank you for the "Follow". I'm excited to have you on board.

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