October 15, 2010

You've Got Mail

How is it that a mom always knows just when to send a pick-me-up to their child? My mom lives 2300+ miles away from me in Oregon and the long distance is tough but frequent phone calls keep her close at heart.

While on the phone last night with my mom I shared with her my thoughts on starting this blog. She was such a cheerleader squelling in delight about what a great idea it was. If she wouldn't have supported me I'm sure I would have sent her a virtual bitch slap to the face... oh wait... that's what the other sister would have done. My bad. I would have pulled my big girl undies on and did this anyway. I'm my own biggest cheerleader.

For Halloween, with my son's new found love for Mickey Mouse, I decided to let that guide this year's costume choice. Back when I was 3 years old my mom had handmade Mickey and Minnie mouse ears. Perfect! She did the manual labor back then and I would now once again reap the benefits of her hard work. That's what kids do, even at my age (23, who's counting?) and living so far from home. Thanks mom!

She asked if I had received the package yet and I informed her of my weekly trip to the mailbox on Sunday but told her I could oblige and move my walk to the mail area a couple days early. She twisted my arm. It's the least I could do.

My birth certificate was signed with hearts and curly qs.

I strapped my son's sandals on his feet and we set off for the 2 minute walk. There it was. The notice informing me of the package being held in our apartment building's office. Tack on another 2 minutes to the office. We were there. Fresh baked cookies to coax the toddler into the office. Bribery. Sure. It works. Don't judge. Mail in hand, big box in the other, and a toddler roaming freely since my hands were tied up. Let's see how the walk back to the apartment would go.

Dropped the mail 2 times and had to use the box to guide my son on where to walk. It worked. Once inside I couldn't wait to open it. Kitchen scissors to slice through the packing tape and the box was opened. Mom packaged the box and that only means one thing. Step back. Miscellaneous items are bound to fall out. Sure enough... two neon splash balls for Jason... or so I'm guessing. Random. Sure. That's my mom. Mouse ears! Score! Halloween costume is one more step towards being complete. Another big thank you! That's not all. Leave it to my mom to see that there is more space in an inside out printer box that can be filled. Packing peanuts. Surely those won't do. Why not add more weight and increase the shipping costs on what was only to be Mouse ears being shipped? Cookbooks. Lots of cookbooks. I was elated! I was beaming all day about them. Mouse ears are now obsolete and instead I'll just cook my way through the Halloween holiday. Leave me in my gluttony induced state and mom, please mail some of that pink stuff for the onset of a stomach ache... thanks.


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