October 27, 2010

Sauteed Onion and Poblano Pepper Shrimp Tacos

With wanting to complete this recipe challenge I knew I would most likely get burnt out on popcorn shrimp and tacos by the end of the week. I woke up this morning with my stomach turning at the thought of having to make another batch of popcorn shrimp. We went through a box of Gorton's popcorn shrimp yesterday. My toddler's excitement over a new food item to try coupled with my lack of planning had me popping batch after batch of these little suckers in the oven. The seafood scent was just enough to turn my stomach by the end of the night. Not because of the product itself. I guess I could actually blame it on the popcorn shrimp. The problem is: they are so darn good out of the oven that I couldn't keep my hands off of them and stuffed myself. You know that feeling when you eat too much and just the very sight or talk of food makes you want to vomit? Yea. I was there.

By the time lunch rolled around my stomach was growling and I knew I still had 4 tacos to complete. I only intended on making two more of my recipe ideas today. Upon pulling out all of the ingredients from their designated living areas I was getting more excited to make my tacos.

Starting to get their sizzle on.
First up was my take on a Southwestern-Style Shrimp Taco (recipe to come tomorrow) which was hands down the most incredible mix of flavors and textures I've ever thought to put on a flour tortilla. My second creation was a yellow corn shell topped with sauteed onions and poblano peppers in a little bit of olive oil and garlic. The popcorn shrimp were layered on next and then I squeezed the end product with lime and sprinkled it with cilantro. Poblano peppers being a more mild pepper still gave this a nice bit of heat and the sizzle of the onions and peppers transformed my love of fajitas to taco form. A tasty taco but not as good as the Southwestern-Style Shrimp Taco which from the mouths of 2 two year olds were "yummy" and having repeated it after every bite. Is it tomorrow yet? Bet you wish it was for this recipe. I think I might have come up with a prize winner!


Carolyn said...

Oooh, I am excited to see the Southwestern recipe! They all sound pretty amazing to me, but if you say the SW was the best, I will take your word for it!

Pretend Chef said...

Carolyn - Make sure you check back tomorrow! It is incredible. Hands down. Thank you!

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