March 23, 2011

Anti-Bloat Jumpstart Day 4

It's the final day of the Flat Belly Diet Jumpstart! My excitement about this revelation had me jumping out of bed when itty bitty decided once again that the day would start before the birds were even chirping outside the window.

I think my body has taken a liking to the eating schedule even if my brain still has not. I no longer am waking up feeling hungry. I ate breakfast and was completely satisfied. In fact, I almost feel like the amounts of food are too much. I am having a hard time eating all of the food.

What I really like about the Flat Belly Diet is the fact that I am eating a well balanced diet. No food groups are restricted. I am also not having to lower my calories significantly. The Jumpstart follows a 1200 calorie a day eating schedule and starting tomorrow the calorie count jumps to 1600 a day following the same rules:
  1. Eat a MUFA (good for us fats) at every meal.
  2. Stick to 400 calories per meal.
  3. Never go more than 4 hours without eating.
In the past 4 days I've learned that breakfast doesn't mean eating before noon. I've been consistantly eating within the first half hour of waking up and have noticed a significant increase in my energy level.

I'm looking forward to checking in on my progress tomorrow morning. I have to keep in mind that I have been prescribed steroids and this will affect my weight and because of my lung infection I haven't been able to workout. It'll be nice to get back to those sweat sessions once this clears up. I will also be sharing with you my mama's progress so you can have something to compare to mine. Every body is different and everyone will see varying results.

Another thing I am looking forward to tomorrow is the food! CHICKEN PAD THAI!!! I've had my eye on this since I've opened the cookbook. I'm also going to be making Pork and Pineapple Tacos with Avocado Crema and then some Popcorn Drizzled with Chocolate for dessert.

4 days down, 28 to go!!!


ping said...

Boy, I admire your will power. I can never do this and do a food blog .. or even look at another food blog. I bow to you.

Pretend Chef said...

Ping - It was hard the first two days but after hitting that mark the end of the Jumpstart was in site. My body actually started to crave the foods I was eating. I couldn't wait to eat tomatoes!

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