October 01, 2011

Bauducco Panettone Specialty Cake

Bauducco Panettone is a moist ready to eat specialty cake that is a classic Italian holiday bread. Cake in a box delivered to my doorstep? I had no idea what to expect. After taking the cake out of the plastic wrap and removing the liner it looked like a giant muffins of sorts. The chocolate chip variety is the one Itty Bitty and I decided to slice into since we aren't raisin fans. The aroma was sweet and had a hint of orange.

I sliced it into nine servings and plated a slice for each of us. This cake is just what the box promised it would be... moist and delicious. You can enjoy it by the slice or check out their website which has recipe ideas. All of them sound amazing.

Disclaimer: As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received two free Bauducco Panettone Specialty Cake products. All opinions are my own.


ping said...

Oooh, I love panettone! We get these imported and oh so expensive! I really need to learn how to make these. About time too ... for Christmas! And any leftovers (yeah, right) is great for french toast or a bread pudding! Will check out their ideas in a bit.

Pretend Chef said...

Ping - I wanted to try their french toast recipe but was pressed for time with my busy weekend.

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