April 29, 2011

French Toast (Torrijas)

Miriam from, The Winter Guest, recently posted a recipe for Torrijas, a Spanish Easter treat. After a brief history lesson she shared the recipe. I was beyond giddy to give this recipe a try since I had all of the ingredients on hand.

Torrijas or French Toast are soaked in a sugared milk with cinnamon and then fried to a golden brown and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The texture is more of a bread pudding than the traditional french toast I am used to. It has a crispy outside and a moist creamy milky inside.

Itty bitty loved this recipe for the french toast. I had been having a hard time getting him to eat my french toast since Christmas time when he got a taste of Pap's (Mr. Sideline Chef's dad). He would take a bite of mine and tell me, "No! Pap's!"

I set this in front of itty bitty this morning and like he always does took a bite but this time he kept shoveling bites into his mouth until he was full. I just want to give a big air hug to Miriam for introducing me to this recipe. It will be making it's way into the breakfast rotation.

If you plan on making this make sure to take notice of the hour soaking time for the bread. Once that is done the recipe comes together in a snap.

Please be sure to check out Miriam's blog, The Winter Guest, and try her recipe for Torrijas for your loved ones sometime soon. Tell her the Pretend Chef sent you!

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