April 26, 2011

Kettle Corn

Growing up I had an obsession. Kettle Corn. I would beg my mama to buy boxes or bags of it whenever we'd go to the store or we were at a festival. I couldn't get enough of the sweet, salty, and crunchy combo. The best part were the bits of sugar that would settle at the bottom of the bag and I would shamelessly lick it clean.

After I met Mr. Sideline Chef my Kettle Corn addiction came to a screeching halt. Don't know exactly how it happened but it just did. I quit the stuff cold turkey. Maybe it was my determination at losing the 50 pounds I packed on during pregnancy or because I didn't want to embarrass myself licking the bag and my fingers clean. That would be so "unlady like" as my mama liked to often remind me I was. Haha!

One afternoon while itty bitty was napping I was browsing through some recipes and came across Kettle Corn. The flood of memories came back and then I had an immense need to have it. All of the ingredients were in my pantry! Under my nose all along and I had never thought to make it. Had I known how simple it was I'm sure those 40 pounds lost so far would have crept back on.

Itty bitty loves watching the movie, CARS, and we allow him to watch it once a day. I decided to make the Kettle Corn as his snack and let him get cozy with his blanket while he watched the movie.

It only took about 5 minutes to make! After I popped the popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag with a little bit of the oil I sprinkled the sugar and salt over top. It was everything I remembered it to be... habit forming... although not as obsessive as I once was. Thankfully, I finally understand what it means to enjoy things in moderation. Moderation as in every other day.

Why not whip up a batch for your next movie night? Yummy!

MyRecipes.com and Southern Living, September 2004
Makes 12 cups

Stars of the Show:
  • 1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
And Action:
For the recipe's original directions, click the Kettle Corn link above.

For individual servings: Add 3 tbsp of unpopped popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag with a little bit of the oil. Roll the top of the bag down a little bit leaving room for the kernels to pop. Place the bag on a microwave safe plate (the oil will seep through the bag) and pop the kernels in the microwave on high until the pops slow to 4 seconds in between. While hot out of the microwave, sprinkle the popcorn with the sugar and salt.

Eat, enjoy, and lick those fingers clean!

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The Country Cook said...

You and I must have been on the same brain that day..LOL. I have been craving some kettle corn. It is always best when you make it fresh. I like the homemade microwave popcorn idea!

Pretend Chef said...

Brandie - It is so much better than the boxed store kind as well. I was pleased with the results. Sweet and salty is a perfect combo.

Food Frenzy said...

My kids love kettle corn. Thanks for sharing.

Pretend Chef said...

Food Frenzy - Hope they will like this recipe. You are more than welcome.

Lisa said...

Kettle corn is the perfect munchy treat.

Pretend Chef said...

Lisa - I agree!

NanAppetit said...

AweSOME! So easy! All I need to buy are paper bags...my 2-year-old loves Cars, too. Everywhere he toddles, he hauls around 3 books about it and his Lightning McQueen "hot car".

NanAppetit said...

Hey--I made "Movie Theater Popcorn" using your method and linked my post back to you. I plan to do Kettle Corn in the future also. Thanks again!

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