January 03, 2011

Crostini with Anchovy Butter Topping

The day we left for our two week vacation I checked the mailbox to find a package. It was thick and heavy and I already knew what it was... my prize from winning Lora's giveaway over at Cake Duchess. If you have never checked out her blog I recommend you do so. It's sweet! No pun intended. The giveaway was for Domenica Marchetti's Big Night In Cookbook. You can imagine my disappointment to have to wait for over two weeks to finally be able to mark recipes to try and actually make a new recipe.

Pregnancy rumors to rest... I'm not pregnant. Just a lot of layers and too much Primanti Brothers.
While I loved being on vacation and enjoyed my time in Ohio and the Pittsburgh area... (This girl went to her first NFL game and got to see my beloved Steelers with Mr. Sideline Chef and also ate my way through town!) I was ready to get home and get back in the kitchen and into our California King sized bed. Mr. Sideline Chef is truly a bed hog and knees to the ribs don't feel too good. Haha!

We came home to an empty fridge and needed to go shopping. Shopping ran close to the time of kickoff for the Steelers game today against the Browns and we were hungry. Game day and snacks go hand in hand. I decided to try an appetizer from the Big Night In Cookbook and chose to make the Crostini with Anchovy Butter Topping.

I have never had anchovies before. I'm hesitant to try new ingredients but that's half the fun of being in the kitchen to experiment with new tastes and textures. After opening the cans of anchovies I chopped them up and took a tiny morsel to taste. Anchovies are incredibly salty but that's what I loved about it because I don't have a sweet tooth instead I crave all things crunchy and salty. 

A baguette was sliced and brushed with olive oil and toasted in the oven until golden brown. The anchovy butter topping was incredibly easy to make and could easily be doubled for hosting a get together. Psst... that is what the theme of the cookbook is... feeding family and friends Italian Style.

I recommend picking up a copy of this cookbook and hosting a dinner party for your loved ones. The first recipe I tried out of it and it's a winner!

Crostini with Anchovy Butter Topping
Domenica Marchetti's Big Night In: More Than 100 Wonderful Recipes for Feeding Family and Friends Italian-Style
Makes about 40 slices

Stars of the Show for the Crostini:
  • 1 thin baguette
  • extra virgin olive oil for brushing - I needed about 2 tbsp to coat all of my slices.
And Action:

Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Slice the baguette into 1/2-inch slices and brush both sides with olive oil. Place the slices in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Toast the slices for 7 to 8 minutes until golden brown around the edges. Flip the slices and toast for another 5 minutes or more until golden brown. Remove from the oven and let cool to room temperature.

Stars of the Show for the Anchovy Butter Topping:
  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter, softened - Make sure you really pay attention to using unsalted butter because the anchovies are incredibly salty.
  • 3 to 4 Italian anchovy fillets in olive oil, drained and finely chopped
And Action:

In a small bowl combine the butter and anchovies and blend thoroughly with a fork. Spread on the crostini and enjoy!


ping said...

Welcome back! Love anything on crusty bread. I have a bottle of anchovies that I don't know what to do with. Good idea. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Brenda said...

I didn't realize how much I loved anchovies until I used them in a couple of recipes last year. LOVE THEM! I don't know why I always assumed I hated them, lol! My husband and I would definitely love this, I wish I had had the recipe for NYE. Thank you so much for sharing with Cookbook Sundays and have a wonderful week!

Jeanette said...

I love anchovies in Greek salads and in a simple pasta sauce made by sauteing olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, and chopped anchovies, then adding some pasta water or chicken broth.

Pretend Chef said...

Ping - It feels good to be back! Thank you for the welcome back. If you try this you'll have to let me know if you liked it. Happy New Year to you!

Brenda - I was so excited to be able to link up with Cookbook Sundays. Now how do I add the link into my post to be able to have others be directed to it? Aw technology and my no brains about it.

Jeanette - Great ideas!

The Enchanted Cook said...

Hi there! Glad you're back! Okay you mentioned Primanti Brothers which is on my list of places to go when I go to Philly. Was it fabulous?

Also, I love anchovies and making the butter is a fantastic idea! I can think of many ways to use this, so thank you!

PS - my O Olive Oil contest ended but I'll have another one coming up around Mother's Day I think! Thanks so much for participating, I was really wishing you'd win!!


Pretend Chef said...

Veronica - Primanti Brothers is everything and more! The whole experience of being in the Strip District and sitting at the tables surrounded by other Steelers fans was amazing. We live in Houston and rarely see other fans so it was like a dream. I thought for your olive oil contest that you were having 10 winners for every 25th comment. I must have read it wrong. I really wanted to win too! Oh darn. I'll be on the lookout around Mother's Day. Thanks for the heads up.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I love anchovies - I often make a pasta dish with a broccoli & anchovy sauce which is delicious, and I love the sound of your anchovy butter - definitely one I have to try. Thanks for sharing it.
Sue :-)

Pretend Chef said...

Sue - That pasta sounds so yummy! If you happen to try it I'd love to hear how you liked it.

Laurie @simplyscratch said...

I think I'm gonna try these out! My preggo bf and I would love these! But I'll have mine along side of some vino! Thanks for suggesting it!

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