January 11, 2011

Sauteed Turnip Greens with Bacon

Turnip greens made their way onto my last grocery list with the intent of making a warm turnip green dip. Plans changed when I couldn't demonstrate self control and ate an entire box of Triscuit crackers and all of the Smoked Salmon Cardamom Spread within a day and a half. That spread was the best smoked salmon spread I have ever had. Now what was I to do with a 32 oz bag of turnip greens?

When it comes to leafy veggies I think of one of my favorite "hole-in-the-wall" joints for eating indulgent comfort food for cheap. We have a soul food place here in Houston, Texas called My Food's All That and they serve up some collard greens that I rave over but Mr. Sideline Chef on the other hand isn't much for green leafy veggies. He also doesn't like sauteed spinach. It's not like me to make a dish knowing that he doesn't like it. These are turnip greens. I have never cooked turnip greens before so I figured I give it a shot and maybe change his mind. If all else fails he can just stuff himself off of the honey yeast rolls I made to go with dinner.

Yes. I had to search the Internet for a "how to" on turnip greens. Even the bag they came in just said bring to a boil and simmer until tender. I need a roundabout time. After reading a handful of recipes I decided to just wing it and add bacon. You can never go wrong with bacon. Mr. Sideline Chef is on a bacon kick right now so it only seemed right.

I brought 16 oz of the turnip greens to a boil and then simmered for about 30 minutes. Nice and tender. After they drained I figured what better to do next then decrease their nutritional value? That's right! Sauteed in bacon drippings with the crumbled bacon. Isn't this what any good Southern home cook would do?

Mr. Sideline Chef wasn't persuaded by the crumbled bacon and after one bite my veggie serving became two. Okay. I now know he doesn't like spinach, collard greens, and turnip greens. Mustard greens! Maybe he'll like those.


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